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Rejected Poetry

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This community is for poets of all shapes, sizes, and levels. If you're working toward getting published, this is for you. We all have to deal with the frustration of rejection--especially on those annoying prefab slips--and this is a place to help us.

Once your poem has been rejected by some publication, post it! Then, other members of the community will give feedback to help you revise so that your poem can be sent out someplace else.


1. please post feedback as much as you can--this community will be useful to no writer if each of us is so much an egoist that we make it all about OUR posts.
2. Post your poetry--anything that gets rejected goes here, we want to see it.
--please post each poem as a separate entry, so no feedback for one poem gets mixed up with feedback for another.
--if your poem is ridiculously long, or you're posting several in one day, put it under a cut so as not to flood people's friends' pages.
--please list your username in the keywords of each of your entries. (This makes one person's work easy to find all at once when wanted).
--if what you're posting isn't worksafe, put it under a cut and label it, so we know. This also serves as a way to self-screen. If you don'tr want to read something that deals with, say, sexuality, this way you won't have to.

That's it!